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Welcome to the English webpages of the Child Protection Centres. As you may notice, we did not translate some of our contents because we only offer further education and publications in German language. However, we hope you feel well-informed about the Child Protection Centres. If you have questions please contact us via email: die@kinderschutz-zentren.org

Do we have a problem? The 11th Child Protection Forum takes stock
"Houston, we have a problem." This formative sentence from the Apollo 13 mission was the inspiration for the title of this year’s Child Protection Forum in Essen. More than 400 participants and about 75 experts examined the question for three days: Do we have a problem in child protection? ...more

Conference in Leipzig: Aids for mentally ill and addicted persons
A mentally ill or drug addicted father or mother has an immense impact on the whole family system. Furthermore, children who grow up with an addicted parent have a higher risk of developing and addiction themselves. Thus, the helping system not only has to help the affected person but must also support the complete family. The conference in Leipzig put its focus on this topic. ..more

Crime Statistics – Violence on Children and Adolescents Decreases by up to 37%
Violence on children and adolescents is a social strain as well as a challenge. Each act of violence is condemnable. Each child and adolescent gets severely harmed, physically and mentally. Thus, the figures of the federal statistics on crime can never be a report of success. ..more

Focus on Adolescents – Conference in Kiel Places Emphasis on More Participation
Growing up is challenging. The long winding road to adulthood (J.J. Arnett 2004) is paved with obstacles as well as appealing attractions. It is marked by rising expectations of parents and institutions and implemented with various risks. ..more

Child Poverty – Why is poverty “relative” in Germany?
Child poverty does not only exist in poor developing countries, it is also social reality in rich industrial countries such as Germany. The “Paritätische” (an association of social movements) asserts a national poverty rate of 15.4%, the child poverty rate is even higher with 19%. ..read more


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