Conference in Leipzig: Aids for mentally ill and addicted persons
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Conference in Leipzig: Aids for mentally ill and addicted persons

A mentally ill or drug addicted father or mother has an immense impact on the whole family system. Furthermore, children who grow up with an addicted parent have a higher risk of developing and addiction themselves. Thus, the helping system not only has to help the affected person but must also support the complete family. The conference in Leipzig put its focus on this topic.

More than 200 professionals from child and youth welfare services, therapeutic institutions, as well as health care services attended the conference.

Discussed aspects were e.g. interdisciplinary cooperation, changing figures of drug addictions, up-to-date analysis on addiction, best-practise approaches, aids for parents raising children.

One forum focussed on assessing child endangerment, the other forum put an emphasis on the growing influence of digital media.

Conclusion: dealing with mentally ill or addicted children, adolescents, and parents remains a major task although improvements have been made over the last years. The cooperation of the different helping systems is a key point for success. “Prognosis is the result of cooperation!” – with children, adolescents, and parents, and between the professionals involved.