A Child Protection Centre
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A Child Protection Centre

A Child Protection Centre is a professional institution with a focus on counselling for children and families affected by violence and severe crises. Apart from that in some centres there are offers of preventive support as well as the possibility of short-term residential placement of children. The offers of a Child Protection Centre can be used by help seekers, institutions and professionals.

All Child Protection Centres apply to mandatory and compulsory common standards. Anybody who turns to a Child Protection Centre can rely on confidential and, on request, anonymous contact. Counselling centres only work together with other institutions if they have consent to do so.

In addition to local specific offers each centre provides the following services:

  • Counselling and therapy for parents, children and adolescents
  • Immediate crisis intervention in cases of escalating conflicts
  • Professional counselling according to § 8a SGB VIII
  • Practice guidance and supervision for professional institutions
  • Further education and trainings in the respective region
  • Information gatherings on child protection

All Child Protection Centres share the attitude towards people in need of help and counselling: help instead of punishment.

In each centre there are obligatory periodic team and case supervisions. Decisions are not taken by individual people and all processes are documented according to professional criteria.

Here are addresses, contact details and in-depth offers of all nationwide centres.