Political Consulting
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Fields of Work

Political Consulting

Neglect, physical, psychic and sexual violence against children and adolescents affect many people and professions in our society. To protect children is a task for the entire society. All social groups, initiatives, associations and parties are challenged to search for solutions. The Child Protection Centres with their professional knowledge support all those who want to improve the quality of child protection.

For this purpose they work (amongst others) in nationwide networks, take part in legal debates, participate in Bund-Länder work groups, work out expertises and develop proposals.

The Child Protection Centres took part in:

  • Round Table Sexual Abuse
  • Action Plan 2011 Concerning Sexual Violence
  • Round Table Federal Law on Child Protection

They currently take part in:

  • Bund-Länder Work Group Sexual Violence
  • Advisory Board of the National Centre for Early Childhood Intervention
  • Commission I-KIZ – Child Protection in the Internet