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Fields of Work


A crucial assignment of the association is offering professional trainings and education of experts in child protection.

Every day (nursery school) teachers, social education workers, educationalists, psychologists, physicians and many other professions get in contact with children. They meet children and their parents and families in different situations. They nurse, educate, teach, help, counsel and cure. Thus, a feeling of insecurity often arises caused by an inexplicable behaviour of the child, its parents or the whole environment.

Not later than that the question “what is to do there“ arises. Not uncommonly educationalists discover that their own professional qualification and expert knowledge are not sufficient in order to be able to help. The reason lies in the complex field of action that exists in child protection. Since in most study courses and vocational trainings the topic of violence against children is being neglected or is not existent at all, many workers of help and educational systems cannot cope with this issue. But even in cases where the problem of violence is an integral part of the curriculum the gained knowledge is not enough. Working in child protection demands a high degree of professionalism which cannot only be attained theoretically but is also depending on experiences from practice.

Hence, the Child Protection Centres claim compulsory professional trainings for all professional groups working with children.

The Child Protection Centres themselves offer professional trainings where knowledge and experience from everyday practice of the local centres are integrated. In the context of international, national and regional congresses the transfer of knowledge from scientific projects into practical work in child protection is organised.