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Welcome to the English webpages of the Child Protection Centres. As you may notice, we did not translate some of our contents because we only offer further education and publications in German language. However, we hope you feel well-informed about the Child Protection Centres. If you have questions please contact us via email: die@kinderschutz-zentren.org

Conference on High Conflict Divorces and the Well-being of Children in Leipzig
Despite the fact that the number of separations and divorces has remained static over the last years in Germany, the work with so-called ”high risk families“ for youth welfare services and counselling services is getting more and more and is demanding lots of energy from professionals. ..more

12th Child Protection Forum on Childhood Today
Every two years, experts on child protection from all over Germany meet at the Child Protection Forum. This year’s conference will take place from September 19th till 21st in Münster, Westphalia. The main topic is “Childhood Today – measured not treasured“. ..more

Meeting on Early Childhood Intervention in Cologne
In February, colleagues from the field of early childhood intervention from the child protection centres met for the ninth time in Cologne. The network of early childhood intervention of the child protection centres consists of 17 centres from all over Germany. ..more

The Child Protection Centres Present the Annual Statistics of 2016
The most important service of the child protection centres in Germany is to offer counselling and therapy for children, adolescents, and families. What were the main reasons for seeking help in 2016? And how was the contact between centre and client established? ...more

Programme for 2018 – Preview
Our programme in 2018 offers many possibilities for experts to expand their knowledge on child protection. Six conference will take place all over Germany as well as numerous different seminars and workshops. The topics range from child endangerment in day-care centres, to traumatized children in foster families, or how to write expert opinion reports. ..more


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