Meeting on Early Childhood Intervention in Cologne
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Meeting on Early Childhood Intervention in Cologne

In February, colleagues from the field of early childhood intervention from the child protection centres met for the ninth time in Cologne. The network of early childhood intervention of the child protection centres consists of 17 centres from all over Germany. One main topic of this year’s three-day-seminar was working with traumatized mothers, parents, and children and the strains of professionals dealing with traumatized clients.

Further topics were the effects of traumas, dynamics of traumas, attachment and trauma and trauma-educational interventions. In interacting with traumatized people, it is important to have a professional attitude of seeing their behaviour as normal reactions to extreme stress and therefore as survival and coping strategies. Apart from that, the participants of the meeting exchanged their experiences of working in interdisciplinary teams as well as peer counselling in difficult cases.

The National Centre on Early Childhood Intervention has founded the project “alliance against the shaken impact syndrome”. The child protection centres will contribute their service with several activities in the second half of 2018.