12th Child Protection Forum on Childhood Today
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12th Child Protection Forum on Childhood Today

Every two years, experts on child protection from all over Germany meet at the Child Protection Forum. This year’s conference will take place from September 19th till 21st in Münster, Westphalia. The main topic is “Childhood Today – measured not treasured“.

We often hear sentences like: “Children are our future.” But the ways to get there are uncertain, manifold, and marked by increasing expectations and demands. It is because childhood today is not a private business any more but a social and political, media-based, and scientific project.

Childhood is associated with being unburdened, developing, feelings of security, trying oneself, and with curiosity. Unfortunately, not all children have access to such an easy-going childhood. Some children are threatened or endangered; they grow up in poor, violent, or high-conflict surroundings and circumstances.

The changing ideas of what a good childhood is based on as well as the various problems that can accompany the process of growing up will be discussed at the Child Protection Forum.

Key questions are:

  • How do we have to see children in order to understand them?
  • How can offers of help reach children?
  • How can services to help children tackle the challenge of saving children?